Weekly Classes


Five-Star has worked diligently to develop an individual curriculum for each and every one of our programs. Our curriculum and commitment to its delivery is what separates us. When coaches come to Five-Star they are trained to deliver our content and evaluated regularly to ensure that our high expectations are being met. 


We care deeply about the students in our programs, and the coaches we bring on board. Our goal is to create an environment where our partners and students benefit from coaches who are passionate and professional. We believe strongly that the right coach is critical and we work diligently to hire the right fit.


Our weekly classes include one-on-one and team practices, club teams, after-school programs, shot performance, strength & power training, defensive clinics and many more. 

Ball Out Basketball Camp

Available year-round, Five-Star's Ball Out Camps are intensive, 5-day overnight basketball immersion training programs designed with progressing all basketball players to the next step in their development. Under the guidance of elite level US coaching and a carefully structured schedule, the camps create an ideal learning environment for players to maximise efficiency in basketball training and attain their individual goals. Ball Out Camps are split into three talent divisions:

- Camp Rookie, for players early in their basketball development looking to hone in their all around skillset.

- Camp All Star, for players looking to develop their game through personalized coaching and high-level competition.

- Camp MVP, for players demanding to elevate their game to the next level.

A typical day at a Ball Out camp consists of over 3.5 hours of skills development training and over an hour of basketball competition. Players can expect to be on the court for 5-6 hours a day. Our campers live and breath basketball.​


One-On-One & Team Training

Weekly classes are the core of our program and is the starting point for each of our students. We do not believe in “One Size Fits All”, and regardless of the situation Five-Star Sports has a proven track record of delivering quality coaching at all levels. These classes foster a love for the game of basketball while building a solid, well rounded, foundation of skills using both their right and left hands.


A level up, club teams are for players who want a larger commitment and basketball experience. Teams are divided into competition age groups and practice twice per week. It is from this club base that we see the most player growth.Private training sessions are classes from 1 to 6 students working with one coach using an individualized training plan that best fits the needs and goals of the players. Sessions work to target skill development, physical conditioning and athleticism.


In addition, we partner with many schools to offer basketball as an after school activity to their students. In a fun and structured atmosphere, our goal is to further the grassroots initiative and develop functional players with a love for the game. To add to the skill work, POWER+ is a training program designed to support sport-specific skills to enhance athlete development, give athletes a higher resistance to sport related injury, and promote long term physical and mental health.

Overseas Basketball Tours

Five-Star is proud to offer a number of high level basketball immersion tours to Europe and the United States each year. In the past, we have offered trips to Italy and Serbia in Europe, and Las Vegas and Dallas in the United States.

European Basketball Tours typically consist of a balance between basketball training, together with a full summer tour of the host country's most beautiful attractions. Students will participate in a week-long local basketball camp held and hosted by local coaches and teams as well as compete in games against local youth teams. This is all complemented with day trips to famous sights and culinary adventures of need-to-try restaurants.

US basketball Tours involve our teams playing in local summer circuit tournaments. The summer circuits are the go-to competition for young athletes to get scouted and recruited to NCAA and NAIA college programs. This level of competition involves facing the best of the best the world has to offer. These high-intensity basketball tours involve significantly more team practice and trainings than the European Basketball Tours, but also feature enough time for students to immerse themselves in the local city and try top attractions.